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Pretty in pink

Beautiful as always

The flowers were very fresh. Good quality

Test Kit

I liked the overall selection. However, the quality of the lisianthus was off, I didn't even bother using it.. and the spray roses were pretty when they came in but they blew out and turned brown very quickly after conditioning / were losing petals. The rest of the flowers and greens were in great shape! If it was up to me, I think I would have gone for a little less roses and maybe an additional bloom type, but overall, happy with the experience and bouquet.

The undying roses

Thank you so much!! I was so surprised by the amount of flowers in the bouquet kit. Not only was there an abundance of flowers, but every single flower was healthy. However, I did have some trouble with the greenery. It was difficult to find non-droopy pieces even after hydrating.
The spray roses were extra incredible with what seemed like the double amount of buds on each stem. The Anemones lasted surprisingly almost as long as the roses, which was over Ten days. Thank you again!

Almost perfect!

Everything was packaged great and had a nice vase life. The roses were lovely and the quality was top notch. The only problem was the nandina greenery. Upon opening it was clear it wasn’t going to last. It lost tons of leaves and after letting it water for a couple days it was left with 10% of the leaves. Bummer but sometimes that happens! In this instance I chose not to call but I’m sure I would have been taken care of just fine.

Very Berry
Yaoyun S.
Wedding bouquets

I love the roses from poppy. They are from Quito, EC and they are so fragrant, vibrant and the flowers are huge!! Ordered this bouquet to help with making my wedding bouquets and centerpieces and they turned out beautiful!

My Girl
A K.
Birthday Success

There was a little mix up with a helpful neighbor signing for the flowers so it lead to a 24 hr delay in my sister getting her bouquet. I was worried but once the flowers were in water they came to life. Gorgeous flowers and a fun experience with greenery not used by my local florists. Will definitely be using again.


I always love the flowers I receive from Poppy! They are so beautiful and last a good while. Highly recommend!

Curated Calm
Mathew C.
Beautiful flowers perfect for our home!

We loved the Curated Calm flowers we received. Once we got them unpacked and arranged, we were actually able to fill two separate vases! One for our dining room and one for our living room. It's been a bit over a week and 90% of the flowers are still as beautiful as the day they arrived.

Definitely recommend this service and the quality of their flowers is unmatched in the online delivery space!

Morning Light
Danica R.

Morning Light

The Best

We tried three other similar services and Poppy was the clear winner. Big, beautiful flowers that did not arrive looking a little sad and tired from travel. They lasted a long time too.

Happy, but wished we got more flower food

Happy, but wished we got more flower food

Great quality

I was able to create 3 nice bouquets with this set. Flowers were great quality and lasted a long time.

Morning Light
Constance N.
Recipient Loved Them

I lost my dad last year. This was my sweet stepmom's first Valentine's Day without him. He always brought her a dozen red roses for this holiday. I looked up what flower signifies remembrance, and it turns out it is poppies. The Morning Light bouquet had some poppies in the mix, so I sent this to my stepmom and was able to time it so it arrived the day before to help lift her spirits on what I knew would be a hard day. (The only problem was that my message card was not included so until we talked she had no idea who sent them!) She says the bouquet was truly gorgeous and lasted a good while. It did brighten her week, so I was really happy I sent it.

Q. Osborne

Flowers are great! My Fiancé love them and Poppy flowers!!

Beautiful Flowers

The flowers arrived in good condition. I was worried because it was below freezing in my area. Flowers were secure in box. The roses were perfect not one broken head. After 3 days they opened beautifully. The anemones had good strong stems. Only 2 broken head which I used for bouts. The lissy was mostly green buds but added nice texture. The greens were full and held up great.

Wedding Flower Workshop & Sample Box with Cameron Hardesty on January 26, 2023
Katie G.
Wedding Flower Workshop

The workshop was great - the flowers were absolutely beautiful and have held up well, more than a week later. The class was informational, fun and a great way to get to understand the process behind Poppy flowers.

Beautiful Poppy

Beautiful flowers

The Perfect Gift: 3-Month Flower Subscription

Great Great great

My wife loves the monthly surprise, opening the box and seeing what lovely flowers she gets!

Gorgeous flowers-in tray shape and a wide variety. Couldn’t be happier.

Arrived late

I was a little disappointed when the flowers arrived a day late. They were for my daughter and she only had a limited time to enjoy them. But they were beautiful after being placed in water. And lasted a week even though she was only here for 4 days. Love your massive amount of flowers and how beautifully they open and last. Thank you.

Flowers were great, greenery was a miss

My flowers turned out beautiful, the only issue I had was that the greenery of my kit all died/were already dead when they arrived, immediately dropping their leaves as I put them in water (which I did immediately after receiving the package as directed) so I was just left with bare twigs.

Beautiful Blooms

All of my flowers arrived in excellent condition, perfectly coordinated for arrangements. The flowers are still looking fresh 12 days of later!

Designer test kit

Flowers were beautiful and great quality