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Looked great on arrival, died quickly

I've ordered Poppy many times over the previous years, to great fanfare when the box arrives. This time, I ordered bold sunny roses... all of which died less than a week later. Normally a few of the more delicate flowers do die off, but the roses and more robust flowers often last for weeks. Not this time. Next time I'll try a different variety.

Love! 😉

Well balanced choices between focal, secondary and fillers. Very pleasant palette and fresh quality product. Very pleased.

These Made Me Smile

Wow! What a lovely surprise. Great quality and I had so much fun putting arrangements together.

Beautiful but inconsistent

Although very beautiful, a lot of the flowers didn't really recover very well from shipping. Most of the ranunculus were wilting with 2 broken. The stock was just ok, dropping blossoms over the next 24 hours and the eucalyptus dropping leaves. All of this after proper conditioning. On the other hand the sturdier blooms, the roses and the hypericum faired well


Nice product enjoyed designing

Sweet Charm
Tom R.

All good, thanks.

Candy Hearts
Issabea R.

The bouquet was absolutely perfection. The roses were beautiful and all the colors went so well with our theme for our wedding. Will definitely be ordering flowers again.


It was a great selection of flowers and colors! The only complaint I have ( which is not anyone’s fault) is damaged and older browning product. Also I didn’t get the pink chateau.

Bon Vivant
Amy S.
Always Beautiful

I love Poppy! Beautiful, consistent, great product Customer Service AMAZING

All flowers arrived in decent condition except the thaispi.

Designer Test Kit (Pink Chateau)

Designer Test Kit (Pink Chateau)

Flowers were amazing quality and lasted forever!

Designer Test Kit

Flowers were fantastic!


Lovely mix of flowers. I have ordered it multiple times for special occasions.

Designer Test

Everything was tightly packed and great quality. Except Lepidium was super dehydrated and just couldn’t salvage. Thank you

Great Quality!

My pink chateau designer test kit I received came packaged very securely. The flowers themselves were each harvested at the proper stage. Once I processed & hydrated them, they proved to be of the highest quality. Some of the best anemones I have ever received!

Designer test kit ( pink Chateau)

Test kit came prompt. Flowers were of excellent quality and sufficient quantity. Test was easy to execute.

Poppy flowers

These were by far done if the freshest flowers I've received. Well packaged, great color combo.... Well done

Good quality!

I love the quality of the florals! They were beautiful and well packaged with one big exception! The excessive tape! Gently ripping tape off of the paper too too much time and IMO completely unnecessary. Other than that I loved working with the flowers! :)

Inspiring Colors and Flowers

Thank you for sending these beautiful flowers and colors. It inspired me to make a stunning bouquet!

Test Kit Review

The flowers were in great condition and really allowed for easy prep and building. I ended up keeping them for a week in my kitchen because they were so beautiful!

Overall Really Good

Most of the blooms arrived in good condition and firmed up nicely once they hydrated. There were about 5-6 stems of white spray roses that were wilted and 4-5 stems of foliage that was shedding, but overall I would say I was able to utilize around 90% of the flowers provided.

Poppy Test Kit

The flowers were all lovely! Excluding the smilax which came in weak, the flowers were all fresh and hydrated perfectly.