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Pink Chateau

The flowers were packaged very well when I opened the box, it was like a present. I liked the way each packet of flowers were labeled with the name of the type of flower; this will help if you would like to order that particular flower/greenery again. Everything was top quality and I was provided with food for them to nourish with.

The entire experience has been great and seamless.

Designer Test Kit Florals

Gorgeous blooms! The colors chosen by Poppy are timeless and blend seamlessly with all seasons. Everything arrived on time and has held up beautifully after processing and designing. Thank you!


Really fresh and beautiful

Great quality

Impressed with the anemones and shimmers especially and the jasmine was a nice touch. Everything came in very fresh and there was plenty to design with!

Pink Test Kit

The flowers in my kit were all fabulous & they all hydrated well!

Great quality product

Beautiful florals and easy to follow directions.

Perfect Flowers

My flowers came well packed and very fresh

Poppy test kit

The flowers were in great shape but the greenery/filler dis not bounce back!

Great quality!

stems were delivered at a nice quality and got even better after a few hours in water

Beautiful Flowers!

The flowers were gorgeous and opened up really nicely. Thank you Poppy!

Designer Test Kit

flowers arrived on time and absolutely in perfect condition!

The flowers came in gorgeous

They are beautiful and almost a week lasted still look gorgeous

Red Velvet
Conrad H.
Stellar flowers and service

I needed a quick change to the delivery address and customer service was insanely swift.

Great Kit

The kit was great with enough flowers. However, the greenery was not fresh. Even within proper conditioning and hydration, they were wilting.

flowers were very pretty and have lasted a long time

Boho Bouquets review

Great quality. I made a video and took pictures but having a hard time sending video because of its size. Do you have any tips?

Pink Chateau Kit Review

Flowers came in very fresh. I only had one stem of the spray roses that was bruised other then that they were all in wonderful condition.

Pink Chateau Test Kit

I was recommended to Poppy by a friend/ colleague of mine and the whole thing was super easy! The flowers came quickly and were beautiful. I’m excited to see what the rest of the process is like as a designer.

I am always amazed at how beautiful the flowers are when they arrive!!

It was great! First time having a long distance shipment

The flowers were as as fresh as if I got them from the market. Great to work with, quality was amazing


Flowers were beautiful but did not look like the picture on the website. I did not receive a tutorial for arranging.

Designer Test Kit (Pink Chateau)

Designer Test Kit (Pink Chateau)

Sweet Charm
Anna S.
Amazing Quality!!

Beautiful variety of flowers!