Fall Florals are Here

Introducing our Fall Collection, six stunning floral kits to fit your favorite fall aesthetic. 

We’ve spent a lot of time in our homes this year, and with Fall just around the corner, it may feel like the right time to spice up your space. Fortunately, all you need to transition your home into a cozy autumnal oasis are some seasonal stems.

Harvest Moon

Just as the leaves on the trees start to fall, Harvest Moon brings a fresh start. Rich reds and golden yellows will transition your space to an autumnal aesthetic. Get ready to stroll through the park in your matching cashmere hat and sweater, crisp air on your rosy cheeks, returning home only to admire your flowers.  

English Breakfast

Cottage Core, meet your match. English Breakfast’s warm tones and eclectic florals evoke major countryside vibes. Cozy up in your breakfast nook, window facing your garden, crumpets in the oven. Whether you're quarantined in a West Village walk-up or sitting pretty in the sunshine state, you'll be *instantly* transported to the English countryside. Just heard the oven timer ding. Dig in :)

Pumpkin Spice

Our version of that drink you've been waiting for all year. This fall favorite is sure to bring some warm traditional spice into your home.

Cranberry Dreams

Thanksgiving looks a bit different this year, so while you may not be able to bring your dreamy cranberry sauce to your usual celebrations, you can still send love and give thanks with these gorgeous stems.


Bubblegum pinks, marshmallow whites, and berry blues form a bright, whimsical palette to defy the changing seasons. Candyland lets you hold onto sunny weather just a little longer, so go ahead and savor that iced coffee… you’ve got all winter for the hot stuff.

Carte Blanche

White jeans after Labor Day? If that’s what you want, then so be it — we’re giving you Carte Blanche. Whether she sits on your desk or kitchen table, these clean whites and bold pops of burgundy keep your home looking fresh throughout the entire season.